Hue Hoffner Triclosan free skin safe Deodorant

The first step in The Hue Hoffner’s aim to provide you the world’s most ethical and safe personal care product thats why we are not using Triclosan. hue hoffner is the triclosan free deodorant body spray with Vitamin E.

Hue hoffner is not like ordinary  no gas body spray which will only creates a refreshingly fresh fragrance but also Advanced Triclosan free no gas formula of hue hoffner will control the odor causing bacteria and concentrated fresh Fragrance will gives you 24 Hours long lasting freshness without reapplying. Put you best forward when go for important meeting, date, family functions or any social event. we have partnered with the leading fragrance company in the world to make you feel the world-class aroma.

Hue Hoffner deodorant doesn’t compromise on odor protection, it's dermatological safe formula with Vitamin E will work on all kind of skin and it's not irritating.

  • An Deodorant that’s tough on sweat, not on skin
  • Designed to provide day long effective odor protection
  • Advance concentrated fragrances will gives you unbelievable long lasting freshness
  • Environment safe formula. No Triclosan and CFCs used.
  • Clinically proven non-irritating formula
  • Vitamin E added to condition your skin.

Hue hoffner is the leading brand of Aromatics personal care. At Aromatics Personal Care Our aim is to make to safest deodorant body spray which does not have any  harmfull chemical (like triclosan) and it will be environment friendly.

Hue Hoffner is the india's first deodorant with Vitamin E. 

So, start your day with the Hue Hoffner's skin safe triclosan free deodorant body spray.